1- We offer 120 days warranty on all our HHO Generators and 90 days on our Hydrogen/Oxygen Separator Cells. We warrant that the product is free from defects at the time of shipment.

2- This limited warranty does not cover any conditions including but not limited to improper installation,maintenance, modification, use of alternative parts or supplies not supprted by us, operation outside the products specification, unauthorized modification or misuse.

3- This warranty covers the origional unit itself. It does not cover accessories or shipping costs there and back. Products that have been remanufactured, reverse engineered, or tampered with in any way are not covered under this warranty.

4- Proof of purchase is required in the event that the product need to be returned.

5- Repaired units will be returned to fulfill the remainder of the units origional warranty.

6- Failure to use Distilled Water and approved electrolyte Potassium Hydroxide shall void the warranty.


Legal Disclaimer:

HHO Gas is experimental and installation of HHO generator could cause damage to property or person. User understands that these products produce Hydroxy (HHO) gas and is considered to be dangerous and explosive. We are in no way what so ever responsible for any damage to property or injury to self or others by you purchasing and/or using our products.

We expressly urge all users to do their research before buying, using or experimenting with HHO Generators. Follow all safety precautions when working with Hydroxy (HHO) Generator. DO NOT smoke or have open flames within 30 feet of HHO Generator. Do not pressurize Hydroxy gas, it will explode under pressure. Keep the area well ventilated at all times. You acknowledge that by purchasing and using our products, you are doing so at your own risk and shall hold Global Ecological Solutions LLC, its officers and owners harmless in the event of an accident, damage to property, injury or death.