Dry Cell Hydroxy Generator


The term DRY-CELL can be confusing - some people wonder how you can you be using Electrolysis of water to make Hydroxy gas if the unit runs dry. The truth is, Dry Cell hydroxy generators and Separator Cells use electrolyte in water just like any other Electrolyzers. However the properties and design of the hydroxy DRY-CELL and H/O Separator DRY-CELL makes them much more efficient GeneratorsMost common types of Generators submerge the cell into an open bath of electrolyte and water; this is not the case with the Dry Cell design. The dry cell's stainless steel plates are separated by rubber gaskets, and the electrolyte is confined within those gaskets. Only the main body of the plates gets bathed in the solution. As a result, very little energy is lost. The edges of the plates, including all of the electrical connections, are outside of the electrolyte bath. Hydrogen and Oxygen gases pass through the upper holes in the plates to the outer sides of the cell. The upper fittings allow the gases to escape the cell.  

Hydroxy gas nd H2 are GREEN FUELS, and COMBUSTION STIMULANTS. They burn more rapidly than hydrocarbon fuels, have lower activation energy, and incur more molecular collisions than heavier molecules. These characteristics make it possible to use mixtures of hydrogen and oxygen with conventional hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline, diesel, or Bio-diesel to achieve a complete burn. Therefore transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy by use of mixtures of hydrogen and oxygen in small quantities with conventional fuels offers significant reductions in exhaust emissions. Using HHO or Hydrogen as a combustion stimulant makes it possible for other fuels to meet future requirements for lower exhaust emissions. Mixing HHO or H2 with hydrocarbon fuels provides combustion stimulation by increasing the rate of molecular-cracking processes in which large hydrocarbons are broken into smaller fragments. This is beneficial in increasing the surface-to-volume ratio and consequent exposure to Oxygen for completion of the combustion process. Relatively small amounts of HHO can dramatically increase fuel efficiency / MPG, and reduce atmospheric pollution.


1- One of the most efficient and well-built units on the market.     
2- All Generators come in complete kits, including PWM.
3- Only 316L stainless steel is used in construction.
4- Generator plates are cut using water-jet for precise dimensions.  
5- Plates are conditioned using Passivation process.
6- All fasteners are made from 304 stainless steel to prevent rust and oxidation.
7- Rubber gaskets are EPDM, cut to precise dimensions, and rated at -40 to +320° F to ensure long lasting performance.
8- Brackets are fitted with rubber grommets for isolation and reduced vibration.
9- Bubblers and Dryers are custom made. Barb fittings are factory welded, eliminating any chance of leaking
10- If our Generators do not fit your particular application, we will custom design and build one for you.



                          We produce H/O Separation Dry Cells for trucks, boats and stationary                                                                         generators for up to 30 liter engines.


 The modular design allows for easy  assembly, and can be stacked to achieve the desired H2 production levels. Like our HHO generators, Separation cells also have multi-fuel capabilities, and are constructed from the highest quality materials.