About Us


We Believe in the Value of Life Through Innovation

 At Global Ecological Solutions, LLC, we have been involved with Hydrogen (HHO) On Demand Technology for the past 17 years in an effort to do our share helping you the consumer, and preserving the environment. It has taken a great deal of research and development to produce one of the most efficient, practical and reliable HHO Generators on the market today. Unlike many other companies, we offer COMPLETE Kits which include everything you need for trouble free, successful installation. In addition we offer 7 days-a-week customer support to answer all your questions, or assist with your installation. Our Generators have multi-fuel capability including diesel and bio-fuel engines of all sizes. We also produce custom generators and Kits for up to 30 liters engines.

Our Systems:

Increase MPG 15 to 35% 
Increase horse power
Drastically reduce exhaust emissions by as much as 75%
Save you money at the pumps
Extend the life of the engine

XR-10 and XR-11 Hydrogen/Oxygen separator cells, are the new additions to our line of products. It has taken a lot of man hours and resources to design and build the most efficient system o the market.