Auto manufacturers and fuel effeciency

Posted by Jeff Collins on May 15, 2013 0 Comments

We can only speculate why HHO technology is not mainstream in automobile industry today. Auto manufacturers have likely not used this technology for the same reasons they have not used many other new technologies in 30 years to phase change the fuel from liquid to vapor, and burn it more completely without pollution. The EPA mandates the use of catalytic convertors and OBDII systems as they are today. By enforcing that legislation they are essentially saying "we know there are better ways to control emissions but you MUST use THIS technology to do it." Who ultimately controls which technology is used? The lobbiests, the industrial and policatal powers. Money and big industry ultimately controls how this is done.

Let's say they built an engine that was 90% efficient at converting gasoline to kinetic energy. Such high efficiency would present much less carbon deposits, sludge in the engine, and pollution out of the exhaust. If there was no sludge and carbon buildup in the engine, it is likely the engine would last a very long time and maintain like new performance. Much longer than 150k to 200k we are used to.

There would be less of a need to change the oil, because the oil would not get dirty or break down as easily due to the lack of negative bi-products from the combustion process. Using synthetic oil would extend oil life possibly for the life of the vehicle. With less need for oil changes and engine replacements/repair/maintenance entire industries would be practically wiped out. It's likely you wouldn't feel the need to purchase a new car for quite a long time too. The auto industry would ultimately kill itself, and the economy. This is likely why we, the public, are spoon-fed better fuel economy in small steps rather then having auto manufacturers roll out a 100 or 200 MPG car for us to buy. This is likely also the reason we are banned from having certain high mileage vehicles, particularly the 50+ MPG diesels that some other countries are allowed to have.
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