Carbon Crisis

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Increased usage of fosil fuels in the last few decades, has changed the chemistry of the oceans and has proven harmful to many forms of marine life. This process is known as ocean acidification. A more acidic ocean could wipe out species, disrupt the food chain and impact fishing, tourism and any other human endeavors that rely on the sea. The change is happening fast -- and it will take decisive action to slow or stop this process. Before people started using coal and oil, ocean pH had been relatively stable. But researchers predict that if carbon emissions continue at their current rate, ocean acidity will more than double by 2100.The polar regions will be the first to experience changes. Projections show that the Southern Ocean around Antarctica will actually become corrosive by 2050.

The new chemical composition of our oceans is expected to harm a wide range of marine life.The resulting disruption to the ocean ecosystem could have a widespread ripple effect.--Acidity slows reef-building, which could lower the resiliency of corals and lead to their erosion and eventual extinction. The “tipping point” for coral reefs could happen as soon as 2050.

Coral reefs serve as the home to many forms of marine life. Their disappearance would be akin to rainforests being wiped out worldwide. Such losses would have profound impacts, especially on the fishing and tourism industries.

Combating acidification requires reducing CO emissions and improving the health of the oceans. Ultimately, though, reducing the amount of carbon monoxide absorbed into the oceans may be the only way to stop this proccess. The same strategies needed to fight global warming on land can also help the seas.

The acidification of our oceans is the hidden side of the world’s carbon crisis  and only reinforces the fact that we need to make changes in how we fuel our world. Cars and the transportation industry in general are major contributors to this problem. At Global Ecological Solutions, LLC, we manufacture Hydrogen On Demand Generators which drastically reduce  automobile's carbon dioxide emissions and provide you with substantial savings at the pumps. To learn more about this affordable green technology please go



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