Hydrogen, fuel of the future

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Hydrogen is a clean energy carrier (like electricity) made from diverse domestic resources such as  solar, wind, water, and fossil fuel. Hydrogen in the long-term will simultaneously reduce dependence on foreign oil and emissions of greenhouse gases and criteria pollutants.


In his 2003 State of the Union Address, President Bush announced the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative, a $1.2 billion commitment over 5 years to accelerate hydrogen related research to overcome obstacles. Fuel cell vehicles operating on hydrogen are zero-emission vehicles.

The program is making progress towards the goal of a 2015 commercialization decision on hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles and the infrastructure to fuel them through an aggressive research program that accelerates the timeline for resolving technical and economic barriers. Energy program, outlines the activities, milestones, and energy plans to pursue and support America's shift to a hydrogen-based transportation energy system.  A positive decision will yield the beginning of mass market penetration in 2020.  As transportation accounts for over two-thirds of the oil consumed daily, the Department of energy Hydrogen Program is primarily focused on developing hydrogen technology for the transportation sector. 

However the best near-term solution for cutting down on oil consumption and reducing emissions is by making energy-efficient choices such as installing Hydrogen generator in your gasoline driven car and in a matter of few hours converting your automobile in to a water powered hybrid. At G.E.S. we have made this green techology available to you. It offers 30 to 40 percent reduction in fuel consumtion and significant reduction in carbon emissions.  To learn more about HHO generators visit us at www.geshho.com.  

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