Growing Pollution

Posted by Jeff Collins on June 22, 2011 0 Comments

The carbon equivalent of 180 million barrels of oil are burned each day to support the Earth's growing population of 6 billion persons search for prosperity. Carbon dioxide built up in the atmosphere has reached levels that are about 30 per cent higher than at any time in the last 160 years. Environmental damage and health threats due to air pollution have reached every area of the planet. Continued dependence upon fossil fuels is detrimental to public health and is a dangerous experiment that may have no point of return for civilization, as we know it. Nine Americans die each hour due to air pollution.

U.S. Energy expenditures amount to about 440 billion dollars per year. About 50 percent of our energy is produced from foreign oil. U.S. military presence throughout the planet's oil-rich areas to secure the oil supply lines, costs hundreds of billions of dollars each year. These great expenses curb investment in capital goods and our economy suffers.

Finding solutions to difficult problems of energy sufficiency, and pollution is imperative. The solution must provide convenience for near-term market acceptance and utilize renewable resources. Hydrogen generators provide viable solution for increasing fuel savings and lowering pollution. To learn more about Hydrogen on Demand technology, visit us at

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