HHO Generators, The Green Technology

Posted by Jeff Collins on May 18, 2011 0 Comments

While countries wage wars over oil, a clean and safe alternative appears to be something we have plenty of. Water makes up two-thirds of the planet and may be the answer to the fossil fuel dilemma. Research has shown that  hydrogen generator will increase horsepower and increase MPG by at least 30%, as well as reduce emissions by 70%. Hydrogen systems may redefine the automotive industry in terms of eliminating the need for oil based fuel, as well as ethanol, bio-fuels, battery powered cars etc. Although that reality is few years away. BMW recently introduced the Hydrogen 7, which has an engine that will run on hydrogen, as well as gas. The hydrogen 7 runs on liquid hydrogen stored within the car and must be kept cold.   Hydrogen Generators ( Hydrogen On Demand ) do not store Hydrogen, HHO gas is being produced and consumed only while the engine is running.

Commercially made hydrogen systems will certainly become a reality for automakers someday, but a hydrogen generator that produces hydrogen gas is a viable alternative today. Global Ecological Solutions Hydrogen On Demand systems are designed to boost your car's efficientcy more than30%. It's easy, safe and clean. All you will have to do is add about 2 cups of distilled water every 1000 miles.

HHO technology is here today. It's safe, green and economical. To find out more about please go to www.geshho.com.

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