Simple Solution To High Gas Prices

Posted by Jeff Collins on May 11, 2011 0 Comments

 Gas prices have gone up substantially since the beginning of this year. Los Angeles for example has witnessed gas prices in $4.45 to $4.85 range per gallon. This is due to a combination of high state and local taxes and stringent state fuel regulations which forces people to use web sites like to track down the cheapest gas prices in thier area.

The simple solution lies in HHO DRY-CELL,Hydrogen On Demand Generators. These generators use car's electrical system to produce hydrogen and oxygen through Electrolysis. The hydrogen and oxygen ( Hydroxy gas ) is then injected into your car's air intake while you're driving. The result is greater gas mileage, increased power and substantial reduction in Carbon emissions.

U.S. Department of Energy has given its approval because hydrogen is not toxic, poisonous or corrosive. In fact, if hydrogen were to leak, it would dissolve into the air almost immediately. The Air Resources Board lists hydrogen as a viable alternative fuel for use in motor vehicles as well as motor driven equipment.

In California, Former Governor Schwarzenegger announced on April 20, 2004 his vision for the California Hydrogen Highway Network and signed an Executive Order outlining his vision: "hydrogen, is a non-carbon energy carrier which can be made from clean renewable resource ( water ), is ideally suited to address global, regional and local energy and environmental challenges. Finally it is important to note that HHO is a clean burning fuel. It will improve MPG ( 30% to 40% ), and substantialy reduce carbon monoxide. To learn more about this scientifically proven technology,please go to or contact us at

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